The Complete Step (or Module) button is missing.

If the “Complete Step” or “Complete Module” button is missing, it is likely because there is a setting stopping it from showing up.
The most common settings are in the program settings: Program Progression “Linear”. This shouldn’t affect administrators or program administrators, but it will affect students.

The second most common setting preventing program progression is in the step or module settings: Under Display and Content Options, options like Video Progression, Assignment Uploads, and Forced Step Timer will all affect the Complete button from becoming available.

To test what is causing this, first go to the step or module (whichever isn’t showing the Complete button) and deselect all Display and Content Options. Then refresh (or navigate to) the affected step or module.

If that doesn’t correct the issue, go to Program Settings for the affected program, and Next change the program to Free form.

If none of those work, send in a support request and we’ll take a look for you.